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Eight is Enough

  1. Cyber war means war, Pentagon says - National Journal
  2. DigiTimes: Can PCs survive? - Nvidia comments on the future prospects of
    computing; Nvidia CEO expects smart devices to outperform PCs after 5 years
  3. Forbes: Graphics pros key on Nvidia's push to $21 (per share of stock)
  4. X-bit labs: AMD needs to boost clock-speed of FX "Bulldozer" chips - sources
    and researchers propose new bandwidth management techniques to improve
    performance of multi-core chips
  5. DigiTimes: AMD to launch desktop Fusion APU Llano, say Taiwan motherboard makers
  6. Fudzilla reports Llano TDP can match Intel's quad TDP
  7. SemiAccurate: Windows 8 for ARM requirements leak
    and AMD is the fourth WARM, Windows 8 tablet partner
  8. VR-Zone on Asus Danshui Bay - Dual CPUs X79-based board unveiled
    and PowerColor displays HD 6870 X2 & HD 6970 X2 at Computex
    and Asus Mars II unveiled at Computex 2011

Say Something Nice Day

  1. MarketWatch reports 'Call of Duty' initiative lifts Activision shares
  2. WSJ reports Yahoo! and Alibaba reach Alipay agreement
  3. C|Net reports Nokia slashes sales forecast; stock takes tumble
  4. Wall Street 'mispriced' LinkedIn's IPO
  5. Benzinga reports Airbnb raising $100 million, company valued at $1 billion
  6. CNBC: LinkedIn IPO has some surprise winners—or does it?
  7. Bloomberg: Dell explores acquisitions to widen lead in market for Internet servers
    and Dropbox partners with Softbank, Sony Ericsson for growth in Asia, Europe
  8. NinjaLane's Computex mini post - day 1
  9. TorrentFreak reports arrested file-sharing admins face jail, $700,000 fines
  10. Technology vs. the brain
Hardware news

  1. X-bit labs: Elpida, PowerTech, and UMC collaborate on 28nm / 3D process technology
  2. AnandTech's quick look at a 22nm Ivy Bridge wafer
  3. Fudzilla reports Intel EVP talks Haswell 22nm 2013
  4. SemiAccurate reports Bulldozer and Ivy Bridge both delayed a bit
  5. Google exec: Chrome will only power notebooks - DailyTech
  6. DigiTimes: ARM-based server market to see growth before 2015, says ARM president
  7. Ars Technica reports Apple offers free bottom case replacement for white MacBooks
  8. VR-Zone reports Asus unveils water-cooled ROG gaming PC
  9. HotHardware reports Zotac introduces Nano X2-powered mini-PC at Computex
  10. Expreview reports Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M appears in gaming notebooks
  11. VR-Zone's Nangang 4F coverage from Computex - Intel
    X79, AMD 990FX, HD 6970 X2, and much more
  12. VR-Zone reports Asus ROG full lineup unveiled at Computex
    and MSI goes PCI Express 3.0 on Z68 at Computex
    and Foxconn Quantum Force is back with X79
  13. DigiTimes reports ASRock showcases Fatal1ty Z68 Professional at Computex
    and how Gigabyte aims to offer SSD-class performance to the mainstream
  14. Fudzilla reports Sapphire shows its Pure Black 990FX-N
  15. VR-Zone reports JMicron SSD controller roadmap spotted at Computex
  16. AnandTech on the new Indilinx Everest SSD
  17. TC Magazine: G.Skill demos Phoenix II Pro (SandForce-based) SSD at Computex
  18. X-bit labs: Corsair announces low-profile memory modules for enthusiasts
  19. DailyTech reports Samsung 30nm-class 32GB memory modules enter mass production
  20. TC Magazine reports EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Classified pictured
    at Computex and Philips introduces the 273E3LSB gaming monitor and
    ViewSonic's V3D245wm-LED 3D monitor gets official, comes in Q3
  21. VR-Zone reports Creative introduces Sound Core3D
  22. Dealzon's deals: $130 off for 14” hp dv4t Sandy Bridge, $250 coupon for 23" Lenovo
    A700 i7 / Blu-ray / TV tuner, $130 off for hp Elite 510t quad i5-2300, $10 coupon
    for 22” Hannspree HF225DPB LCD, and $30 off 80GB Intel 320 Series SSD +
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

  1. HotHardware: Intel talks of strategy, growth, and opportunities in mobile space at Computex
  2. Fudzilla reports 2012 mobile AMD are Comal and Deccan
  3. HotHardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 'coming soon' page emerges at Best Buy's website
  4. DailyTech reports FIC to introduce dual-core Windows 7 tablet at Computex
  5. C|Net reports malicious apps removed from Android Market
  6. TC Magazine reports Acer's first Windows Phone device, the W4, seen at Computex
  7. WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

  1. Win Rumors: Microsoft preparing tight controls on Windows 8 tablet hardware
  2. Mac Rumors: Apple launches iWork office suit for iPhone and iPod touch
  3. Phoronix: Is Fedora 15 faster than Ubuntu 11.04?
  4. How-To Geek: How to bring back the Firefox default menu button in Ubuntu 11.04
  5. Softpedia's AIDA64 Extreme Edition review
  6. AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.70.1426 beta
  7. Opera 11.50 (Swordfish) Beta

  1. [H]ard|OCP: GameStop pushing download insurance on customers?
  2. The Consumerist: Next Call of Duty will ask gamers to pay monthly fee
  3. GamePro reports GameStop will honor all Duke Nukem pre-orders—even decade-old ones
  4. Ars Technica reports Sony PlayStation Network to return in full this week
  5. X-bit labs: Analysts have mixed opinions about Sony's plans to cut R&D for PlayStation 4
  6. DailyTech cites report: 250GB Xbox 360 console / Kinect bundle dropping to $300
  7. Wii, Kinect, Move organization problems? Ars says the TriMount has you covered
  8. Shacknews reports Brink 'Agents of Change' free DLC detailed
  9. Eve Online: An introduction to the Captain's Quarters (video)
  10. Ars Technica reports XBLA, PC Bastion mixes Diablo, D&D, and hand-drawn art
  11. Shacknews pens StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm preview
  12. From execution site to gaming icon: Ars on the story of Wake Island
  13. TechSpot's DiRT 3 GPU & CPU performance test
  14. Steam's midweek madness - Cities XL 2011 75% off

  1. HotHardware's hp EliteBook 8560p notebook review
  2. Rbmods on Phenom II X4 980 BE
  3. Benchmark Reviews, OC3D, and TweakTown on Asus Crosshair V Formula
  4. KitGuru reviews 120GB Corsair Force 3 SSD
  5. Roundup at X-bit labs: Dell monitors on e-IPS matrix
  6. TechReviewSource on Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX9
  7. CowcotLand reviews SilverStone Grandia GD06 case (in French)
  8. Computing on Demand reviews GlacialTech Siberia CPU cooler
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