AMD E-450 chip seen on Computex show floor

While our intrepid Geoff Gasior is on the scene at Computex, there are other eyes and ears at the show. Some of those eyes and ears—personified in this case by VR-Zone—happened to stumble upon an as-of-yet-unannounced addition to AMD's Fusion repertoire: the E-450 accelerated processing unit.

VR-Zone photographed the chip kicking back on a Mini-ITX motherboard at PowerColor's booth. The site says the E-450 is a "slight CPU speed bump to 1.65GHz and Turbo Core," up from the E-350's fixed maximum speed of 1.6GHz. Other changes include support for DDR3-1333 memory (the existing APU lineup is limited to DDR3-1066 speeds) and higher-clocked integrated graphics (the faster built-in GPU will reportedly be dubbed "Radeon HD 6320").

It looks like the Mini-ITX motherboard to which the E-450 was strapped didn't have anything too terribly exciting going on, though. I see a Lite-On logo, a pair of SO-DIMM slots, a physical PCI Express x16 slot, USB 3.0 connectivity, and a choice of DVI and HDMI display outputs. Oh, and there might be an external Serial ATA port dwelling in the port cluster. For what it's worth, VR-Zone says the AMD APU's Hudson I/O hub sidekick "appears to be a new revision," as well.

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