Kingston, Patriot intro 6Gbps SandForce SSDs

Computex — SandForce is probably the hottest SSD controller maker around, and it has no shortage of partners showing their wares here in Taipei. Today, memory giant Kingston added a SandForce-based HyperX solid-state drive to an already deep lineup of options based on Intel, JMicron, and Toshiba controllers. The HyperX pairs the same SF-2200 controller found in OCZ's Vertex 3 with 25-nm Intel NAND rated for 5,000 write/erase cycles.

According to Kingston, the HyperX is capable of sustaining sequential read and write speeds of 525 and 480MB/s, respectively. Those speeds apply to both the 120 and 240GB versions of the drive, which are the only capacities planned. Users can look forward to pushing 20,000 IOps with 4KB random reads on the 120GB drives and twice as many with the 240GB flavor. Both models are rated for 60,000 IOps with 4KB random writes.

Kingston says the HyperX will be priced to compete with other SandForce-based SSDs when it starts shipping on July 4. Like other Kingston SSDs, the drive will be available on its own and in an upgrade kit that includes cloning software, a 3.5" drive bay adapter, a USB 2.0 enclosure to ease the migration process for notebook users, and the tiny screwdriver you'll need to put everything together.

In addition to Kingston, Patriot is getting in on the SF-2200. We don't know as much about the company's Wildfire SSD, but it's rated for 500MB/s sequential reads and writes. Patriot will also be offering a 64GB version of the Wildfire for folks who want to save a few bucks or combine multiple smaller drives in a RAID 0 array.

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