New coolers from NZXT, Spire spin up

Amid all of the tablets and bleeding-edge motherboards, this week's Computex show has brought us a pair of new premium CPU coolers: NZXT's Havik 140 and Spire's Swirl. Both feature universal support for AMD and Intel sockets, and both cost a relatively pretty penny.

Priced at $74.99, the Havik 140 has a tower-style design with a soldered copper base, nickel-plated aluminum fins, six 6-mm heat pipes, and a pair of 140-mm fans that can purportedly churn out 90 CFM of airflow without breaking 25 dB. NZXT boasts that the cooler's "small form factor eliminates strain on the motherboard." It's true that, at 6.5", the Havik isn't exceptionally tall... but it also weighs 2.2 lbs with both fans installed. This must be the kind of "small form factor" that goes in a Level 10 gaming rig, which one transports to the LAN party in a Hummer H3.

Spire's Swirl is neither as extravagant nor as pricey (it costs $52.99), but it's no less interesting. That's because Spire arranged the cooler's three 8-mm heat pipes and 45 nickel-coated aluminum fins in a circle around a 75-mm stovepipe fan. The fan blades are about as tall as the fin array and blow air outward in all directions. Spire ships this bad boy with a fan controller that takes up an expansion slot, and it offers five years of warranty coverage.

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