Shuttle displays two new Mini-ITX barebones

The folks at Shuttle have been keeping busy with their work on modular notebooks, but they're not neglecting their bread and butter: barebone PCs. At Computex this week, Shuttle two fresh barebones that belong to a new R4 series. According to the company's official announcement, R4 machines have aluminum enclosures, Mini-ITX motherboards, USB 3.0 connectivity, and I.C.E. heat-pipe-based coolers.

The announcement doesn't get into too much detail, but thankfully, Computex is full of journalists with cameras and notepads. Chinese site Hot3C got a first-hand look at one of the two R4 machines, the Intel-powered SH61R4. It looks like that system has an H61 chipset, and Shuttle had it outfitted with a Core i5-2500 processor at the show. The spec sheet in the photograph lists other features like a Mini-PCI Express slot and support for dual displays.

For information about Shuttle's other R4 barebone, the SA76R4, you'll want to head to Hungarian site, which reports that the machine has an AMD AM3/AM2+ socket. Based on the model number, I'm half expecting Shuttle to be using an AMD 760 chipset. Both the H61 and the AMD 760 sit in the value arena, so these Shuttle barebones might be relatively affordable. We'll keep you posted as more details come to light.

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