New Thermaltake coolers offer more extremeness

Computex — While touring Thermaltake's booth on the Computex show floor, we stumbled upon one of the largest CPU coolers I've ever seen. Behold the Frio GT, which is so large that it comes with a special anchor bracket that secures the cooler to the top panel of the Level 10 GT.

According to Thermaltake, this monster is capable of dissipating a whopping 300W with a combination of 10 heatpipes, four 120-mm fans, and enough radiator fins for an army of air towers. The Frio GT obviously won't be a high-volume product, but Thermaltake is committed to selling it when the design is finalized.

If you're looking for something a little less extreme, Thermaltake has the Frio, er, Extreme. This more traditional design combines a pair of 140-mm fans with a pair of radiator towers fed by six heatpipes. The fans spin at a maximum speed of 1,800 RPM, allowing the cooler to dissipate up to 250W. There's no need to tie the Frio Extreme to your case, and the cooler should be appearing in stores shortly. Expect this slightly less monstrous cooler to cost around $90.

Unless you're doing some serious overclocking, the Frio Extreme is probably going to be overkill. For folks running at stock speeds, Thermaltake has added a couple of low-end coolers to its Contac family. The Contac 21 and 16 are designed for 140W and 100W CPUs, respectively, making them more than adequate for Intel's Sandy Bridge offerings. As one might expect, the Contacs have fewer heatpipes, smaller fans, and only one spinner each. Thermaltake tells us that the budget coolers should retail for less than $30.

And now for something completely different. Thermaltake is experimenting with a line of accessories designed to cut phantom power draw and provide USB charging options. Particularly interesting is a device that will completely cut the power to peripherals like printers and scanners when the host system is turned off. Thermaltake is looking to patent the technology behind these new products, and it hasn't decided whether to bring them to market.

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