Nvidia tugs on Superman's cape, receives glow ball

Retro Friday continues around here, and we feel the need to highlight a graphics demo that Nvidia rolled out earlier this week as Computex opened. The demo runs on Nvidia's Kal-El, the next-generation Tegra, an ARM-compatible quad-core mobile processor, and it shows... dynamic, colored lighting. Also included: a real-time physics simulation with rigid-body collisions and cloth.

That may all sound too familiar and a little musty, especially on the same day the Duke Nukem Forever demo was actually released. Still, the video of the glow-ball demo running on a prototype tablet device remains impressive, nonetheless. The physics workload appears to require all four of Kal-El's cores in order to run at acceptable frame rates, as the video illustrates.

We're hoping the next Kal-El demo will feature a lubed and chilled nymph to demonstrate pixel shaders with conditionals. Or at least a chimp.

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