Nvidia tugs on Superman’s cape, receives glow ball

Retro Friday continues around here, and we feel the need to highlight a graphics demo that Nvidia rolled out earlier this week as Computex opened. The demo runs on Nvidia’s Kal-El, the next-generation Tegra, an ARM-compatible quad-core mobile processor, and it shows… dynamic, colored lighting. Also included: a real-time physics simulation with rigid-body collisions and cloth.

That may all sound too familiar and a little musty, especially on the same day the Duke Nukem Forever demo was actually released. Still, the video of the glow-ball demo running on a prototype tablet device remains impressive, nonetheless. The physics workload appears to require all four of Kal-El’s cores in order to run at acceptable frame rates, as the video illustrates.

We’re hoping the next Kal-El demo will feature a lubed and chilled nymph to demonstrate pixel shaders with conditionals. Or at least a chimp.

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    • jimmy900623
    • 8 years ago

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    • Duck
    • 8 years ago

    Meh. Quad core and FPS still dips into the sub 10 range on this tiny level.

    This demo might be running on high voltage and high MHz silicon. Performance could be significantly lower in shipping products.

    • ronch
    • 8 years ago

    That head.. creepy..

    Nonetheless, good to see this advancement.

    • Mr.Lif
    • 8 years ago

    Am I the only one that thinks this demo, if turned into a full game would be fun as hell? Like super monkey ball with a creepy vibe. I’d buy it — if I had the gumption to have a tablet — of the kal-el variety 😀

      • nanoflower
      • 8 years ago

      Marble Madness with improved graphics. 😉

    • dpaus
    • 8 years ago

    From TR’s 2003 review:
    [quote<]"Let's just say NVIDIA's had a wee problem with its vaunted execution. That fact hurts even more because NVIDIA's rival, ATI, hasn't...."[/quote<] Those who cannot remember their history...

    • BlackStar
    • 8 years ago

    Nice, great, now how about a processor that can last a few days instead of requiring a recharge twice a day?

    • BiffStroganoffsky
    • 8 years ago

    …i said he’s a fairy i do suppose
    flyin’ through the air in pantyhose…

    Fairy, nymph…close enough.

    • WillBach
    • 8 years ago

    That’s always been one of my favorite tech demos! I remember when if first came out, even. The demo with that nymph and her sister got a little creepy when NVIDIA was first pushing SLI with the 6800s, however.

    • gbcrush
    • 8 years ago

    Are they going to spit into the wind, next? 🙂

    At this point, I’d like to say a hearty thank you to my fiancee. I told her about kal-el when it was announced, and since then have been tempted by increasingly pretty and capable Tegra 2 tablets. I’d see mockups or demos of things like the Samsung Tab 8.9 and say “DAMN, I WANT THAT! WHY AM I WAITING?”

    She’d just look right back at me and say “You don’t want that. You want the quad core one!”

      • Neutronbeam
      • 8 years ago

      Okay, now I love your fiancée. My wife would complain about my wasting money on a toy when I already have a desktop and netbook. Of course she prefers I spend $2,000 for a condo for one week at the beach so we can host her family [at my expense]. Sigh.

        • PhilipMcc
        • 8 years ago

        I can guess the rest of the story – Spend $, sit around the pool and bake, rarely dip a toe in the ocean, go out to fancy dinner.

          • kamikaziechameleon
          • 8 years ago

          🙁 not why you should ever get a condo. Its sad to me people use them in such a fashion.

            • indeego
            • 8 years ago

            [i<]Buy experiences, not things.[/i<] I guess a condo is an experience, though, so who knows.

        • destroy.all.monsters
        • 8 years ago

        That’s instant divorce court action.

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