White is the new black for PC enclosures

Computex — Snake Eyes is out and Storm Shadow is in. Although the dizzying array of PC enclosures that populated the Computex show floor was dominated by stealthy hues, white is the fashionable color this year—until Labor Day, anyway. Just about every case maker seems to have at least one model with an arctic motif, and some look much better than others.

Of all the designs I've seen, Thermaltake's snowy take on the Level 10 GT is the most interesting. Rather than a complete white-out, the GT is peppered with black grills and accent pieces. The contrasting colors nicely highlight the case's unique architecture, and a pair of matching headphones completes the overall look. Thermaltake is using white plastic rather than a painted finish, so you don't have to worry about scratches cutting through the pristine exterior.

Folks who prefer a more streamlined look might be intrigued by Fractal Design's Define R3, which offers uninterrupted expanses of stark whiteness on its exterior panels. Black accents appear on the interior, and Fractal extends the high-contrast approach to its other cases. Peer inside the company's black enclosures, and you'll see a smattering of white fan rotors, drive rails, and expansion-slot covers.

Most of the white cases we saw are production models destined for retail shelves. However, Antec decided to show off a customized version of one of its white cases with anime prints on the side panels. I suspect some modders and artists will see these cases as a blank canvases on which to display their work.

Of course, we all remember the white Graphite Series 600T that Corsair debuted at CES. NZXT probably deserves most of the credit for popularizing white enclosures, though. True to form, it had a white version of the Sentry MX built for the show. This one has a good mix of white and black components inside and out. NZXT also makes a white PSU if you want to accessorize.

If case makers are following NZXT's palette cues, we could be in for an interesting show next year. Check out the company's latest Phantom, whose exterior looks like it's been sprayed with Pepto Bismol.

I can appreciate the obnoxiousness of rocking a pink enclosure, but I'd prefer a hotter tone with less bubble gum and more magenta. NZXT hasn't finalized the color just yet, so there may be hope. Amusingly, the pink Phantom started out as an April Fool's joke. There was so much interest that NZXT decided to put the thing into production. Check out the gallery below for a complete collection of all the white cases we came across at Computex.

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