Apple II Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. InformationWeek's exclusive: Microsoft has acquisition deal with Nvidia
  2. TI CEO: Intel's PC baggage will hurt mobile aspirations and
    netbooks not dead as PC makers show off new models and
    tablets getting quad-core chips, face slow adoption and
    TI tunes latest tablet chip for upcoming Windows OS - Network World
  3. X-bit labs: Gigabyte does not expect media tablets to affect market of mainboards
  4. Apple's Wozniak: Voice commands the next big step for smartphones
  5. The Register: Apple to open iCloud for 'free' before slapping $25 subs on service
  6. Microsoft: Windows 8 won't require a new PC - Network World
  7. LibreOffice 3.4.0 Final
  8. ZDNet reports Microsoft to launch Office 365 on June 28

Apple II Day

  1. F-Secure reports Facebook finally blocks malware attack
  2. PCWorld reports Acer server in Europe reportedly breached
  3. Network World reports Syria Internet service said to be restored
    and Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! collaborate in search
  4. WSJ reports SAP co-CEO sees opportunity for stronger ties with hp
  5. TorrentFreak reports 'torrent' becomes a dirty word as site admin fined $29,000
  6. TechFlash: Can Amazon book sales foretell who will be the next president?
Hardware news

  1. PCWorld reports external disk storage shipments increase 46% in Q1
    and DIY inkjet printer prints on almost any surface
  2. The Zune that never was, developed by members of the former Microsoft Courier team

  1. Microsoft: Windows Phone 'most secure' smartphone platform - Silicon Republic
  2. No stopping Android juggernaut, says comScore
  3. Network World reports two sub-$80 Android smartphones coming this June
  4. PCWorld reports HTC to release Sense SDK
Software and gaming

  1. PCWorld: Windows is tougher to hack than you think
  2. PCWorld on how Windows 8 will challenge enterprise IT
  3. Network World: How big is Microsoft gambling with Windows 8?
  4. Computerworld on Windows 8, from an iPad user's view
  5. The mystery of Windows 8's new 'Protogon' file system
  6. Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 1
  7. Ubuntu Vibes on how to get Classic Gnome Menu in Unity
  8. Unixmen on installing LibreOffice 3.4.0 on Ubuntu, Fedora & Debian
  9. TechRadar on the best Linux music player: 5 reviewed and rated
    (see this related thread on the TR Forums)
  10. AVG Free Edition 10.0 build 1382a3669
  11. Kaspersky Rescue Disk 06.03.2011
  12. Firefox 5.0 beta 3
  13. Could E3 be Microsoft's launch pad for Project 'Orapa?'
  14. PCWorld on why hackers hate Sony and Angry Birds
    comes to Windows—no browser required

  1. EPIAcenter reviews Gigabyte GA-H67N-USB3-B3 (in German)
  2. APH Networks on 8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600 memory kit
  3. Hardware Heaven reviews Raptor-Gaming K3 and LK1 keyboards
  4. Rbmods on Tt eSports Challenger Ultimate keyboard
  5. KitGuru reviews 1200W SilverStone Strider Gold PSU
  6. OCIA reviews MUKii TransImp X3 Plus HDD enclosure
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