Prey 2 trailer has a little free running, Johnny Cash

I've been pretty excited about Prey 2 ever since coming across that Rock, Paper, Shotgun preview piece, which revealed that the game would be all about open-world bounty hunting and not so much linear corridor shooting or spirit walking like the original. Now that I've seen the new E3 trailer for the game, I'm more excited than ever. Check it out:

After a brief jumble of a few fast cuts that introduces the main character, the trailer gets into a bounty-hunting groove with Johnny Cash singing Soundgarden's Rusty Cage in the background as our protagonist chases down an alien crook. I don't think we're seeing a lot of actual gameplay footage here (if any), but much of the trailer is in the first-person perspective, and it gives us an idea of what we might get in the full game.

From what I can see, it looks like comparing the game to a blend of Mass Effect and Blade Runner, as Rock, Paper, Shotgun did, was pretty accurate. There's definitely a bit of Mirror's Edge thrown in, too, assuming the free-running sequences take place in the first-person perspective as the trailer suggests.

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