Battlefield 3 multiplayer previewed

Yesterday, we got to enjoy some fresh video clips of DICE's Battlefield 3. Now, Ben Kuchera over at Ars Technica has gotten some hands-on time with the game's multiplayer, and he's related his impressions.

You'll want to read the full preview for all the dirty details, but Kuchera's conclusion speaks volumes. "The game has exceeded my expectations in terms of presentation and mechanics; the battles are intense and almost scary in how much destruction can take place around you," he writes. The preview includes some nuggets of information about the game mechanics, too.

Battlefield 3's multiplayer component will reportedly have four classes—assault medic, engineer, sniper, and light machine gunner—each with some unique touches. For example, machine gunners will gain experience points by laying down suppressing fire to help teammates get kills, and engineers will have flashlights that can blind enemies in dark tunnels. Yes, there will be dark tunnels—the game will reportedly blend large outdoor battlefields with cramped indoor areas, all seasoned with environmental destruction and impeccable realism.

I got sick of Modern Warfare multiplayer years ago, and I haven't really partaken in first-person multiplayer shooters other than Left 4 Dead since then, so I have high hopes for Battlefield 3. If DICE can deliver an engaging multiplayer experience that doesn't involve being gunned down by some unseen enemy every 20 seconds, I'll be happy... and it sounds like they will.

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