Wii U gameplay reel included Xbox 360, PS3 footage

After watching Nintendo's official Wii U gameplay footage yesterday, I surmised that the console's graphical horsepower was probably no better than that of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Turns out I was partly right. Some of that footage was of games running on the 360 and PS3.

No, really. Nintendo isn't even trying to sweep this under the rug. When asked by GameTrailers.com to confirm that the footage was pilfered from other consoles, Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime shot back, "Absolutely, because we're talking a year away from when the system is gonna launch."

Fils-Aime also responded in the affirmative when asked if Wii U games would really look that good. He went on to qualify that statement by saying, "In terms of how good it looks, it's gonna be driven by what the individual developers do. The system's gonna be 1080p, right? It's gonna be high definition, and so again, tick that box. That's done. Now, it's about what is the new experience that we're gonna bring to bear."

I suppose this isn't anywhere near as bad as the completely fabricated Killzone 2 trailer to which we were treated at the PlayStation 3 launch. Fils-Aime's apparent point is that the Wii should deliver visuals similar today's HD consoles, and if it does, Wii U games could end up looking very much like yesterday's footage. Still, what happened to showing real products running real games at launch events?

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