MP3 players: Call me when they're ready

That's the apparent message behind this piece in which the author takes a look at a variety of MP3 players and decides that none of them really stand out. Nonetheless, the article is informative and discusses several new MP3 players and accessories.

The device that sounded the most intriguing to me was the eGo, which could use a couple of MicroDrives to get up to 680 MB of storage into a box a little bit bigger than a pager. Additionally the thing is touted as being able to download your e-mail and read it to you, then record your replies for later conversion from speech to text. Of course, the revision that the reviewer had didn't actually work in that capacity, but it sure sounds cool.

Overall I'd have to agree with the author; I saw a ton of MP3 players at Comdex, and all but two of them were flash RAM-based, pack o' cigarettes-sized boxes in various shapes and colors. Let me once again go off on my MP3 rant: Unless I'm a jogger who has a use for the "no moving parts" feature on all these things, I don't want to spend all sorts of time ripping and encoding CD's into MP3 just to end up with less than a CD's worth of music. If somebody can make a portable CD player that plays MP3's (you know, one that's not vaporware) they stand to make a lot of money.

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