Deal of the week: Dirt-cheap tablets and storage

You might recall that the 32GB, $500 version of Asus' Eee Pad Transformer came back in stock at Newegg and other retailers last week. That was all well and good, but part of the appeal of the Transformer is the $400 price tag on the 16GB model.

Well, guess what? Newegg now stocks that 16GB model, and it happily sells it for $399.99 with free shipping. That's awfully cheap when you consider the Transformer has a 10-inch, 1280x800 display, Android 3.0, a Tegra 2 processor, a gig of system RAM, an eight-hour battery, front and rear cameras, and a weight and thickness equivalent to that of the first-generation iPad. Not only that, but for an extra $149.99, you can buy the Asus keyboard dock that turns the Transformer into a little Android 3.0 laptop. That's a pretty sweet deal in my book.

If tablets don't float your boat, Newegg is running a "build it yourself" sale that lets you nab some internal components at discounted prices. For example, a 3TB, 5400-RPM Hitachi Deskstar hard drive is currently available for just $119.99 shipped, provided you enter the coupon code "EMCKDKA23" on the checkout page. That works out to four cents per gigabyte, which is no more expensive than lower-power 2TB offerings like WD's 2TB Caviar Green.

Up in the Great White (okay, thawing) North, NCIX is running its "unbelievable savings event" sale. Some of the nicer bargains include Kingston's 64GB SSDNow V100 Series solid-state drive, which is on sale for $89.99 CAD.

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