X79 mobos could support current, future CPUs

Aren't switches to new sockets fun? Usually, those transitions involve waving goodbye to past processors and embracing a new wave of chips—but not always. Case in point: X-bit labs reports that upcoming Intel LGA2011 motherboards will be backward-compatible with today's LGA1366 Core i7 processors.

Now, take this story with a pinch of salt. X-bit labs' story merely references "documents" it saw about a couple of upcoming Intel mobos with LGA2011 sockets and X79 chipsets. (Those boards will reportedly be dubbed DX79SI and DX79TO; the former being geared toward "no-compromise performance enthusiasts" and the latter aimed at more price-conscious users.) In addition, the site says Asus showcased an X79 motherboard with the backward-compatible socket at Computex earlier this month.

Based on Geoff's encounter with an Asus X79 board at the show, it looks like the LGA2011 socket will have a rather hefty retention bracket. The board has memory slots on either side of the socket, presumably because the Sandy Bridge-E processors it accommodates have quadruple memory channels. I'm not sure how exactly LGA1366 compatibility would work—at the very least, I'm guessing one of the memory slots would be unusable. We'll find out when Sandy Bridge-E makes it big debut later this year.

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