Codemasters, Epic fall victim to hax0rs

Sony and its PlayStation Network have been hacked multiple times in the last little while, but they haven't been the only victims. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports, Codemasters and Epic have both been hax0red. Neither intrusion compromised customer credit card data, the companies say, but it looks like email addresses and passwords were nabbed in the attacks. Codemasters also admits that user addresses and dates of birth were exposed. There's word that Nintendo is the target of a new phishing scam, as well.

At least some of the attacks on Sony were in response to the company's lawsuit against George Hotz, who hacked the PlayStation 3 console and posted its root keys online. So-called hactivist group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the initial assaults. However, it doesn't appear to be behind the latest attacks on Codemasters and Epic.

While it's comforting that the most recent efforts to nab customer information fell short of gaining access to credit card numbers, it's unsettling to know that game publishers have now become targets—seemingly for no reason at all. I guess everyone with a web presence is getting hacked these days. Here's hoping Steam remains immune to the onslaught.

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