More on Rambus's legal setbacks

Pre-trial proceedings in one of Rambus's many patent cases—this one against Infineon—has produced a ruling that doesn't bode well for Rambus's aspirations to be the toll collector on the information highway. The trial may be thrown out of court very soon.

But there's more. If the trial goes forward, the judge will allow crime-fraud allegations against Rambus to be heard. These allegations relate to Rambus's participation in the JEDEC consortium at the time SDRAM specs were being formulated, shortly before Rambus amended its own patent applications to cover SDRAM-related techniques. The Register has the scoop on this element of the story. The judge found that "attorney-client privilege had been foreited under the crime-fraud exception as to certain topics," so members of Rambus's pack of lawyers could be deposed.

If these allegations are proven, ENews says, "This means that people could go to jail."


Thanks to Dr. John at KickAss Gear for sending the news along.

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