About that Llano review

I've been hard at work on our review of AMD's new Llano A8 processor for some time now. However, as you may have noticed, we haven't published that review yet, though the time is upon us. The past couple of days were pretty hectic, because I'd run into some issues with the battery life tests. I needed to re-test the Llano review notebook, but when test times are measured in hours and require a long recharge period between them, doing a quick re-run isn't an option.

As I was fighting that battle and closing in on finalizing the last of the data, I then had a gut-wrenching realization. The Sandy Bridge-based HP laptop that I'd ordered and tested for comparison to Llano had shipped to me with 4GB of memory... in a single DIMM.  (Who ships a laptop like that?!) In other words, the config I'd tested as the primary comparison was using only one of the Sandy Bridge processor's two memory channels.


I'm now in the throes of re-testing the Sandy Bridge system with a proper memory config. Meanwhile, I continue to discover noteworthy quirks in the pre-release Llano test laptop—quirks that can affect battery life pretty dramatically. Even more testing is in order.

We will, eventually, have our Llano review for you—when it's done, and when we're reasonably confident we've gotten it right.

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