Report: Four executives turn down AMD CEO position

Anyone want to take the reins at AMD? More than six months after showing Dirk Meyer the door, AMD has yet to find a new CEO. The firm has been trying, of course, but Bloomberg reports that at least four high-profile executives have turned down offers to take the job.

According to "people familiar with the search," Apple COO Tim Cook, Oracle Co-President Mark Hurd, EMC COO Pat Gelsinger (formerly of Intel fame), and Carlyle Group Managing Director Greg Summe have all turned down offers from AMD. This sort of thing may be typical, though. The Bloomberg story quotes a former analyst and consultant who says recruiters typically take about six months to fill this kind of position.

As Scott speculated when Meyer was ousted, it appears AMD is looking for a CEO who can make the company competitive in the world of tablets and mobile phones. Low-power chips haven't exactly been AMD's strength, and in that market it has to contend with more than just Intel. Tough gig.

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