Panasonic, Lenovo prep enterprise-oriented slates

To date, most of the tablets to hit the market have been targeted at consumers. Panasonic is offering something a little different with an enterprise-focused Toughbook Tablet designed to withstand more abuse than the average iPad. Details on the device are a little scarce, but we know it'll run Google's Android operating system and offer "full-shift" battery life, which presumably means at least eight hours of run time.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the Toughbook Tablet, which should really be called the Toughtablet, is its 10.1" XGA screen. Although the 1024x768 resolution is pretty typical, Panasonic eschews the usual glossy top coat in favor of a "high brightness, daylight viewable screen." The display doesn't appear to be the reflective sort offered by Pixel Qi, though.

In addition to its nifty screen, the Panasonic tablet will also include an active stylus, satellite-based GPS functionality, and optional 3G connectivity. There's no word on the underlying hardware or when the device will become available, though.

In other enterprise tablet news, Engadget has learned that Lenovo plans to add a ThinkPad-branded model to its tablet lineup. The so-called Think Slate will also come with a stylus and is expected to sport a 10" 1280x800 display, Tegra 2 silicon, and the Honeycomb version of Android. Specifications for the tablet were leaked earlier this year, but its existence has now been confirmed by the Dow Jones Newswire. Lenovo also has plans to release a 10" Windows 7 slate later this year and to dip into 7" models in the future.

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