Friday night topic: video game theme music

Some of the best video games have benefited tremendously, in terms of atmosphere and immersion, from having great soundtracks. Sadly, though, we don't always give video game themes the credit they deserve. So the question of the evening is: what are your favorite or most memorable video game soundtracks? Which ones have stuck with you over time?

There are some pretty good examples from fairly recent games. One of my favorites, I think I've mentioned, is the theme song Blind Guardian recorded for Sacred 2 (which was also an excellent game). The trailer for the game is set to the theme, and it's a bundle of fun by itself. The dude playing his "axe"? Priceless.

The song also appears as a concert scene in the game. (Bit of a spoiler there if you watch.) I wound up buying the album with the nine-minute orchestral version, too.

Speaking of orchestral themes, the soundtrack for Bulletstorm isn't bad, and it's available as a free download. Brings back a strange mix of good and bad memories, since it evokes the game.

Beyond that, I have to say that the opening chords of the Battlefield theme have been known to give me chills.

Surely there are higher-profile examples of famous video game themes, though. What are your picks? Discuss.

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