PowerMac G4+ to hit 1GHz by summer?

Mac OS Rumors has posted this rumor:
New information acquired through Motorola sources points to firm plans for the company's new PowerPC 7450 processor, now used in Apple's PowerMac G4 667/733 models, to scale in two steps to 1GHz.

Apple, however, is presently expected to announce both steps in a single event: Macworld New York this July. Similarly to the company's unveiling of its first two 7450-based PowerMacs, some of the announced models will be available immediately (733 and 800MHz versions), others "soon" (866 and 933MHz), and the high-end model at 1GHz will probably not ship until the end of August -- about six weeks after Macworld.

They go on to talk a bit about the G5.
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