Serious Sam 3 stays true to franchise's roots

Earlier this year, we learned that a third chapter in the Serious Sam franchise is due out this summer. The game isn't ready yet, but Rock, Paper, Shotgun spent some quality time with one level and came away impressed. Serious Sam 3 appears to stay true to its roots, throwing droves of fodder at the player with an engine that can smoothly render 40+ enemies at the same time. Those enemies reportedly look pretty good, too.

Although Serious Sam's graphics have a modern touch, the gameplay looks to be stuck in the 90s. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. RPS calls it a relief, dubbing the game a "pure shooter" with "no intricate story, no loving protagonist, no augmenting your legs, and no books to read." As much as I enjoy games with deep narratives and innovative gameplay, sometimes all I want to do is mow down waves of screaming enemies with a machine gun.

Like its predecessors, Serious Sam 3 will offer robust support for cooperative multiplayer. Up to 16 players will be able to team up against hordes of monsters, which sounds like a refreshing break from the multiplayer modes typical of today's games. Let's hope the PC version lets folks host their own servers.

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