Huge fanless CPU cooler dissipates 100W

One of the coolest-looking things we saw at CES was a passive CPU cooler not-so-inconspicuously tucked into a Raven enclosure at the Silverstone booth. The heatsink is made by Korean company NOFAN (for folks obsessed with silence, they sure like to shout) and found its way onto Akiba PC Hotline today. Looks like the cooler, dubbed the CR-100A, will cost nearly $500 when sold in a kit with a NOFAN case and PSU, neither of which have fans. Duh!

Rather than using cooling fins, the CR-100A relies on what look like ornately bent bicycle spokes to conduct heat away from a system's CPU. The cooler is said to support processors with TDP ratings up to 100W, which includes all of Intel's Sandy Bridge models. Good luck finding a case that'll fit the thing, though. The CR-100A measures nearly nine inches in diameter, is just over five inches tall, and weighs close to two pounds.

While I can appreciate the desire to have a passively cooled PC, the options for graphics cards aren't great. Besides, good fans are pretty quiet these days, and the trend towards larger diameters means you don't need many spinners to keep a potent system's temperatures under control.

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