Friday night topic: Gaming gone retro on the PC

The Quake-iversary this week gave me an urge to pull out my old copy of Quake and try to get it running on my PC. I have the original game CD still. However, that prospect quickly became daunting, as I thought about the inevitable layers of patches, Winquake executables, and other such accommodations that would likely be necessary to get to the game running on my 64-bit Win7-based system. Makes me think it might be worth it just to buy the game again on Steam and, presumably, sidestep all of those problems.

I'm apparently becoming a wuss, but that's beside the point.

The question of the evening is: how much retro gaming do you do on your PC, and via what avenues? How much effort have you put into getting older PC games going on a newer box? Are emulators easier? Which ones have the best hassle-to-payoff ratio?

Personally, I've taken several avenues, including using MAME to play older arcade games and buying Amiga Forever to get my fix of Lemmings and Altered Beast. What about you?


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