Asus expected to release $199 MeeGo netbook in July

Tablets have certainly booted netbooks out of the spotlight recently, but that doesn't mean the end of tiny, underpowered laptops. Quite the contrary. DigiTimes reports that next month will see the release of Asus' Eee PC X101, which will be available for a scant $199 with the MeeGo operating system instead of Windows 7.

We actually saw the X101 in person at Computex earlier this month. The 10.1" netbook will come outfitted with an Atom N435 processor, which DigiTimes says has a 1.33GHz clock speed and a single core. That processor isn't listed on Intel's website yet, but the slow, single core presumably entails both low power consumption and relatively anemic performance.

While the MeeGo-powered version of the system will cost only $199, DigiTimes is expecting the Windows 7 model to be priced in the $310-350 range—rather high for an Atom netbook these days. Perhaps that's because the system is unusually thin and light, tipping the scales at 2.1 lbs with a thickness of 0.7"... or maybe a Windows 7 license is just that expensive. Too bad there's no word yet on other specs like RAM, storage capacity, and battery life.

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