Crysis 2 DX11 'Ultra Upgrade' arrives

Right on schedule, Crytek has let loose the long-awaited patch that brings DirectX 11 eye candy to Crysis 2. Actually, there's more to it than a single patch. The update procedure described by EA involves letting the game auto-update to version 1.9, then downloading a couple of additional patches:

According to EA, this "Ultra Upgrade" makes wide-ranging improvements to Crysis 2's graphics, including "tessellation, water rendering improvements, high quality HDR motion blur, and many other special effects and higher quality texture formats." The video below showcases some of the new goodness:

I'll have to reserve judgment until I get a chance to test the update first-hand, but based on the video, it certainly looks like Crytek went all-out with this update. Too bad the game didn't ship with those kinds of graphical options to begin with. I expect the system requirements for the Ultra Upgrade are steep, though. (For what it's worth, based on our testing, the non-DX11 version of Crysis 2 pretty much requires a GeForce GTX 460 1GB or Radeon HD 6850 to reach playable frame rates at the "Extreme" graphical setting.)

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