Many Llano laptops may not be available until August

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-production Llano notebook earlier this month, but according to a well-placed industry source, retail systems probably won't show up in stores until the beginning of August—more than a month from now.

Our source, who is very close to a major notebook vendor, told us today that AMD has only just begun providing that vendor with Llano processors and capable drivers. The source reckons that other notebook vendors are in the same boat.

AMD announced the start of Llano shipments all the way back in April, and at the time, it said Llano systems would be in the market "this quarter."

We've asked AMD to comment, but they haven't responded yet.

Update: Best Buy has a Llano-powered HP notebook in stock right now. That appears to contradict our source's hunch that AMD is treating all notebook vendors the same way. Giving priority treatment to HP makes sense, of course, since that firm has the biggest slice of the PC market right now.

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