Nvidia intros GeForce GTX 580M, 570M

Notebook gamers, take note. Nvidia has just announced its quickest mobile graphics processors yet: the GeForce GTX 580M and GTX 570M. The two GPUs look to be based on the same silicon (I'm guessing GF114) as last month's GTX 560M, but they're quite a bit more potent.

The GTX 580M, Nvidia's new flagship, has 384 stream processors, a 1240MHz shader speed (hence a 620MHz GPU clock), a 256-bit memory interface, and GDDR5 memory rated for 3000MT/s. Nvidia quotes a peak texel fill rate of 39.7 Gtexels/s and top memory bandwidth of 96GB/s, numbers not too terribly far removed from those of the GeForce GTX 460 1GB.

Compared to its big brother, the GTX 570M cuts the SP count to 336, reduces the shader speed to 1150MHz (implying a 575MHz GPU clock), and trims the path to memory to 192 bits. Nvidia quotes 32.2 Gtexels/s of pixel-pushing power and 72GB/s of bandwidth, which is still fairly impressive for a mobile part. (The company doesn't quote thermal envelopes, though.)

Nvidia says the two new GPUs are premiering inside Alienware's 18-inch M18x laptop. While neither GPU seems to have shown up in Dell's product configurator just yet, the M18x will purportedly be available with up to two GTX 580Ms running in SLI mode. That might not have the disastrous effect one might expect on battery life, either. The GeForce GTX 580M and 570M both support Optimus switchable graphics technology, so they can shut themselves off to save power when the system isn't running any 3D applications.

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