Screenshots of upcoming MS Xbox games

ASCII24 has a number of screenshots of upcoming games for the MS Xbox. Previews of coming attractions: Update: This Japanese story speculates that the Xbox may be able to run Sony PlayStation games. Sony has settled its legal dispute with Connectix by acquiring their assets. Connectix is the maker of "Virtual Game Station," a PS emulator for the PC and Macintosh. Here is a bit more from ZDNet:
Sony makes a majority of its PlayStation-related revenue from licensing and royalty fees for PlayStation software; the actual consoles are sold at a loss. The same is true of other game manufacturers.

Sony may also be looking to create software for other gaming consoles, and this emulation software may help them to achieve that goal.

Under the agreement, Sony will acquire Connectix assets related to Virtual Game Station, but Connectix will continue to sell the software for Macintosh and Windows until the end of June. The companies will continue to develop emulation technology.

And the Xbox features PC-like hardware. The ability to run PS/PS2 games on the Xbox may not be a bad deal for all parties involved.

Credit TwoFer for informing me that the "Amped" screenshots were Photoshop conceptual art. Microsoft has pulled them and posted the real screenshots in their place. See this thread for more information.

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