Llano laptops from HP, Gateway, Toshiba arrive

Well, it looks like AMD reached its stated goal of having Llano PCs in stores before the end of the quarter—but only just. The company sent us some links to online listings at major U.S. retailers, and based on that information, we compiled a list of available notebooks featuring the new A4, A6, and A8 Fusion APUs. We're told an advertising embargo was lifted earlier this week, so listings haven't been online for long.

In the absence of Llano ultraportables, 14" looks to be the smallest display size available:

  • Toshiba L745D-S4214 — $529.99 at Best Buy

There are more options among 15.6" systems, with Gateway, HP, and Toshiba all competing for attention:

  • HP g6-1b60us — $421.99 at Staples (before $50 mail-in rebate), $536.31 at Walmart, $549.99 at Best Buy.
  • HP g6-1b59wm — $548.00 at Walmart
  • Toshiba L755D-S5204 — $548.00 at Walmart
  • Gateway NV55S02u — $599.99 at Office Depot
  • HP dv6-6108us — $629.99 at Office Depot
  • HP dv6-6135dx — $679.99 at Best Buy
  • Gateway NV55S05u — $699.99 at Office Depot
  • HP dv6-6140us — $749.99 at Office Depot

If you don't mind your notebooks king-sized, a handful of 17" Toshiba systems are also available:

  • Toshiba L775D-S7210 — $579.99 at Best Buy
  • Toshiba L775D-S7206 — $698.00 at Walmart
  • Toshiba L775D-S7226 — $699.99 at Office Depot

We double-checked, and all of the above are available either in store or online with a relatively short lead time (and, in some cases, both). You'll also find the Llano-powered Pavilion dv6z at HP's online store, but don't expect to get it straight away even if you order now. The company quotes an "estimated build date" of July 12.

More likely than not, we'll see additional Llano notebooks in a greater variety of sizes trickle into store and e-tail listings over the next little while. Based on the current availability landscape, it looks like the heavyweights of the PC industry may have gotten first dibs on Llano silicon. Recent Gartner market share numbers suggest that HP is still the world's biggest PC vendor by a longshot, with Acer (Gateway's parent company) in second place. Toshiba is in fifth place behind Dell and Lenovo, but Dell appears to be selling Intel-based notebooks exclusively right now.

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