Report: AMD prepares to phase out Socket AM3 chips

With Llano now out of the gate and Bulldozer due later this summer, the days of Athlon II and Phenom II processors are unsurprisingly numbered. According to DigiTimes, AMD will start phasing out those processors rather quickly—so much so that, by the first quarter of 2012, about 95% of AMD's desktop processor shipments will be made up of Fusion APUs and Bulldozer chips, the site claims.

The great Socket AM3 exodus will reportedly begin next month, with AMD expected to stop taking orders for chips including the Athlon II X4 610e first. Low-end quad-core Phenom IIs as well as dual-core Phenom IIs and Athlon IIs will be next to go later in the third quarter, while other chips like the Phenom II X6 1100T and 1090T to follow later in the year.

As we saw in our review, even AMD's flagship Llano desktop offering, the A8-3850, isn't much of an upgrade over the Phenom II X4 840 provided you don't care too terribly about integrated graphics performance. That means, barring the release of considerably faster Llano variants by the end of the year, Bulldozer CPUs may be the ones filling in for the bulk of today's Phenom IIs once those products are discontinued.

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