HP confirms talks to license WebOS

That certainly didn't take long. Barely a month after publicly entertaining the notion of licensing its webOS mobile operating system to other firms, HP has revealed that it's presently engaged in talks to do just that.

According to Bloomberg, HP CEO Leo Apotheker stated the following during an interview in Beijing earlier this week: “We are talking to a number of companies. . . . I can share with you that a number of companies have expressed interest. We are continuing our conversations." When asked to elaborate on a time frame for licensing, he added, "there is no time pressure to do this."

Bloomberg also quotes "three people with knowledge of the discussions" as saying Samsung has talked to HP about putting webOS in its own line of smart phones. The site doesn't say whether the talks were successful. As we said earlier this month, though, webOS licensing has implications beyond just phones. HP's mobile operating system now powers the TouchPad tablet, and HP has made it pretty clear that it plans to install webOS on PCs and printers, as well.

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