Release roundup: Storage, cooling, and gaming laptops

For this edition of the release roundup, we came across news from Corsair, Enermax, Eurocom, and Gelid while rifling through announcements that slipped through the cracks during the rest of the week:

  • Corsair announces shipment of Force Series GT solid-state drives. New and ever-quicker solid-state drives are still coming out at a steady pace. This latest batch of Corsair entrants features SF-2280 controllers from SandForce, Serial ATA 6Gbps interfaces, and "ONFI synchronous flash memory." Corsair quotes peak data transfer speeds of 555MB/s during reads and 525MB/s during writes, not to mention 85,000 IO/s for random writes. You should be able to find these drives in stores next month; the 60GB model will set you back $149, while its 120GB sibling costs $279.

  • Enermax announces U.R.Vegas fan. Hey, fans need love, too—especially unusual contraptions like Enermax's 120-mm U.R.Vegas, which relies on USB for power and uses a "special designed magnetic skin pad" to attach to the outside of the case. Enermax has outfitted the spinner with 18 LEDs and "7 switchable lighting effects," so it will turn heads for sure. This thing probably won't deafen you, though, because it has a magnetic bearing, a fairly low 1250-RPM rotational speed, and a "minimal noise" rating of 21 dBA.

  • Eurocom launches Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M GPU in line of notebooks. This announcement needs little explanation. Nvidia lifted the curtain off its GeForce GTX 580M mobile graphics processor earlier this week, and Eurocom says it's now adding the product as an option to its line of notebooks. The announcement mentions Eurocom's Panther 3.0, Neptune, Racer, and Fox Series laptops plus the Uno 2.0 desktop. I'm not seeing the GTX 580M listed as an option just yet, though.
  • Gelid announces launch of "Rev. 2 Tranquillo" CPU cooler. We don't hear Gelid's name spoken too often, but the firm's revision-two Tranquillo cooler looks like a solid value proposition. Priced at $40, it offers a quad-heat-pipe tower-style design with a universal socket mount and a 120-mm pulse-width-modulation fan. Gelid covers the cooler with a five-year warranty, which is pretty remarkable considering the price.

Those new Corsair drives aren't particularly cheap, but it's hard to argue with the performance ratings. I've gotta give Corsair props for choosing an original coloring scheme, too. Black and grey SSDs are starting to get awfully boring to look at.

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