Deal of the week: Affordable storage, RAM, and more

If hardware bargain-hunting were like looking for something to eat, storage and memory would be like cheap Chinese food: you always have room for more, and you know you're getting a lot for your money.

Take, for instance, Kingston's DDR3-1333 ValueRAM memory kits selling at Newegg. Right now, the 4GB kit (made up of two 2GB modules) is available for only $33.99 with free shipping, while its 8GB big brother (made up of dual 4GB DIMMs) will set you back a scant $66.99 shipped. Both kits are rated to operate at 1333MHz with 1.5V of juice, and they both have lifetime warranty coverage.

On the storage front, you can nab Hitachi's 3TB, 5400-RPM Deskstar hard drive for $119.99 shipped if you enter the promo code "EMCKDGK63" on the checkout page. If slow mass storage isn't your thing, OCZ's 60GB Vertex 2 solid-state drive is on sale for $104.99 shipped—and you can bump that down to $84.99 with a mail-in rebate (provided you fill out the form right and the check eventually shows up in your mailbox, that is).

Other noteworthy bargains include the OEM version of Windows 7 Home Premium x64, which Newegg offers for $84.99 shipped with the promo code EMCKCKJ44. You can find more deals by perusing the e-tailer's mid-year clearance and 4th of July weekend sale pages.

Our readers north of the border are probably kicking back and enjoying Canada Day right now, but those of a mind to do some online shopping may want to check out NCIX's Canada Day Sale, which is rife with bargains of all shapes and sizes. One stand-out is this Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB for only CAD $65.99.

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