Poll: What's the best CPU/GPU hybrid?

After years of talk about how CPUs and GPUs are on a collision course, we finally have numerous examples of the two components sharing silicon die area. AMD's Llano APU is the latest addition, and it easily has the most powerful integrated graphics of the bunch. A reasonably potent Radeon GPU can also be found in AMD's Zacate and Ontario APUs. These Atom killers are basically the same chip with different clock speeds and power envelopes.

Intel has its own brand of fusion, too. Pineview-based Atom processors were the first to combine x86 CPU cores with integrated graphics. Then there's Sandy Bridge, which melds a comparatively weak GPU with the best CPU cores around and much tighter integration of the various on-chip components.

So, which CPU/GPU hybrid is best? That's the subject of our latest poll, and we're keeping things simple by sticking to the world of x86-compatible processors, which excludes the droves of SoCs found in smartphones and tablets. Chips like Apple's A4 and Nvidia's Tegra 2 are really different animals. You can cast your vote below or in the middle column on the front page.

In our last poll, we asked you to pick the most egregious sin committed by PC games. Unsurprisingly, most folks (52%) think that extraneous DRM and online services are the biggest evils. Among the rest, 13% are most frustrated by crappy user interfaces, while 12% ache for better mouse support. 8% of those who voted are dismayed by the lack of dedicated-server support, and 7% find that PC games offer too few configuration options. Another 4% think mod developers are getting the worst of it. The remaining 3% have other complaints, some of which are discussed in Bruno's blog post on the subject.

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