AMD claims mobile GPU crown with Radeon HD 6990M

You didn't think AMD would sit idly by while Nvidia goes around claiming to have the world's fastest mobile GPU, did you? Barely two weeks after the release of Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580M and 570M, AMD has struck back with a top-of-the-line mobile GPU of its own: the Radeon HD 6990M. This, AMD says, is the true "world's fastest single mobile graphics processor."

A peek at the official product page reveals that the Radeon HD 6990M boasts 1120 stream processors and can filter 56 textures and output 32 pixels per clock. AMD runs the GPU at 715MHz and backs it with 2GB of 900MHz GDDR5 memory, for total memory bandwidth of 115.2GB/s. If my math is right, that implies a 256-bit memory interface.

In other words, the Radeon HD 6990M has a lot in common with AMD's desktop Radeon HD 6870. The 6870 ticks along at 900MHz with 1050MHz memory, though, so the mobile variant has somewhat more conservative clock speeds. In any case, gamers are in for a heaping helping of pixel-pushing capabilities—if they're ready to purchase a big honking gaming laptop, that is. I don't imagine we'll see either this bad boy or the GeForce GTX 580M in thin-and-light ultraportables.

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