'Only' 999 more days left for XP security updates

Yesterday marked an interesting milestone for Windows XP. In 1,000 days (or 999 as of today), Microsoft will stop providing security updates for the OS. XP's extended support period ends on April 8, 2014, and Redmond is using the countdown milestone as an excuse to trumpet the benefits of Windows 7.

Released on October 25, 2001, XP will have been around for more than a dozen years when official support runs out. That's an impressive streak, and I'm sure some folks will continue to use the OS long after Microsoft stops offering security updates.

With XP's support deadline far from looming, I can't help but wonder if any OS will match its longevity. Few operating systems are as loved, and 12 years is an eternity in the PC world. Back around XP's initial release, single-core Pentium 4 and Athlon XP processors were cutting-edge technology. If you think those CPUs look old now, just wait until 2014.

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