GeForce 3 and 3DMark: now it can be told

It's a love story! Or so say the guys at Digit-Life, who have put together an article demonstrating how the DirectX 8-loving 3DMark2001 enjoys spending time with the first and only DX8-compliant 3D chip, the GeForce 3. They do a hefty amount of benchmarking, explaining how and why the GF3 beats out—or doesn't—its older competition in 3DMark's various tests. That's interesting reading, but the real fun comes after that, when they delve into the screenshots.

If you've run 3DMark2K1, you've probably wondered what some of those test scenes would have looked like had your video card been able to render them properly. Heck, I darn near peed myself watching the nature scene for the first time in the demo mode, but it won't even run in test mode on anything I have here (GeForce2 Ultra, Radeon, Voodoo 5, etc.). The Digit-Life guys have supplied us all with a nice, big batch of eye candy, including shots of pixel shaders in action that will bring tears to the eyes and glimpses of the near-diuretic nature test.

It looks like good things are in store for 3D graphics on the PC, but so are a lot of upgrades to fully DX8-compliant hardware.

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