IHS iSuppli: 49% of laptops to be quad-core in 2015

Quad-core mobile processors will grow in popularity considerably over the next four years, but they won't quite dominate the market in 2015. That's the jist of a new research report by IHS iSuppli, which estimates future global shipments of notebooks with different types of CPUs.

Source: iSuppli.

According to IHS iSuppli, notebooks with quad-core CPUs will account for just 9% of total shipments this year. That number will grow to 49% in 2015. Meanwhile, hexa-core notebook shipments are purportedly set to reach 18% in 2015.

In other words, dual- and single-core laptops will become a distinct minority, making up about a third of shipments. One would assume that proportion will be composed chiefly of netbooks and cheap ultraportables. By 2015, quad-core silicon should be sufficiently small and power-efficient for thin-and-light laptops.

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