Latest OCZ RevoDrive SSD can hit 1.5GB/s

Brace yourself, workstation users with appetites for copious amounts of storage bandwidth. OCZ has announced a successor to its RevoDrive 3 PCI Express solid-state drive, claiming higher peak transfer speeds, quicker random write IO/s, higher capacities, and features from version 2.0 of the company's Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA).

The new RevoDrive 3 X2 can purportedly achieve 1.5GB/s read speeds and 1.25GB/s write speeds, up from a respective 1GB/s and 925MB/s with the previous model. Peak 4KB random-write IOps have increased from 130,000 to 230,000. OCZ offers the same 240GB and 480GB capacities as before, but it now supplements them with a 960GB option—which still fits on a single PCI Express x4 card.

The company isn't as clear in its descriptions of the improvements in VCA 2.0, although it does mention "even greater enterprise flash management features." For the unacquainted, VCA is designed to, in OCZ's words, "[pool] the resources of two or more NAND flash controller interfaces, MCPs, storage processors, and a physical interface complete with customizable features and interface options that eliminates the need to re-spin expensive silicon."

According to OCZ, RevoDrive 3 X2 SSDs should be available right now. The drives are covered with a three-year warranty.

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