PC gamers get their own exclusive: Hard Reset

Platform exclusives are a fact of life in the gaming industry, but it's rare to see new titles destined only for the PC. That's the case with Hard Reset, a first-person shooter from Polish developer Flying Wild Hog. The studio is made up of folks who worked on Bulletstorm, Sniper, and The Witcher 2, and it's launched a teaser trailer for the game.

The 28-second video is incredibly short for a game that's supposed to be released in September. You'd think the gameplay would be polished enough to show by now. The environments look good, though—very Blade Runner.

PC Gamer has a few details on this "dark sci-fi" game, including a handful of screenshots. Hard Reset is being built on an all-new engine dubbed Road Hog. Unfortunately, there's no info on what the engine can do or whether it'll really take advantage of the advanced graphics hardware available on the PC. One can hope. More footage is promised in the coming weeks, and we'll be keeping an eye out for it. Thanks to Joystiq for the tip.

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