New Rage trailer discusses arsenal, engineering items

There doesn't seem to be much happening on the PC hardware front this week. However, we have more gaming goodness courtesy of id Software. The studio has released the third installment in a series of six behind-the-scenes videos on Rage. In today's episode, the game's developers talk about the weapons and equipment you'll be carrying.

Right off the bat, Creative Director Tim Willits reaffirms Rage's status as a first-person shooter. The game may have elements pulled from driving and role-playing genres, but id hasn't forgotten its roots.

Although the arsenal doesn't look particularly innovative, there's a lot more going on than in previous id games. In addition to a range of weapons and ammunition types, there are also "engineering items" like turrents, remote-control vehicles, and robots. And then there's the Wingstick, which is described as a "bladed death boomerang." The feel of these weapons—everything from their firing characteristics to the accompanying sound effects—will go a long way toward making or breaking Rage's sucess as a shooter. That double-barreled shotgun better have a satisfying kick.

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