IDC: Apple now third-biggest U.S. PC vendor after HP, Dell

Apple isn't doing too badly for itself these days—sales of iPads are booming, the iPhone is as popular as ever, and Mac sales continue to outgrow the overall PC industry quarter after quarter. It's no wonder, then, that IDC's market share data for the past quarter show that Apple is now the third-biggest PC vendor in the United States.

IDC pegs Apple's share of U.S. PC shipments at 10.7%, well behind HP's 26.3% and Dell's 22.2% but a fair margin ahead of Toshiba's 9.1%. Acer is stuck in fifth place with just 8.5% of shipments. That's quite a reversal from the same quarter a year back, when Acer held the third spot on the podium with a 10.9% market share, and Apple was fifth with only 9%.

Of course, Apple's good fortunes at home haven't made it any less marginal internationally. The Mac maker isn't even in the global top five, which is made up of HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus. (Incidentally, IDC points out that Asus has knocked Toshiba out of fifth place in the global rankings.  Acer has also lost some ground, dropping from third to fourth place.)

Looking at the PC market as a whole, IDC recorded a rather modest 2.6% rise in PC shipments for the second quarter of the year. The research firm points to a number of factors for the sluggish growth, including "competition from smartphones, other consumer products and pressure from lackluster economic conditions." As usual, growth is slower in "mature" markets like the U.S. and western Europe than in "emerging" regions like Latin America and Asia-Pacific nations other than Japan.

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