Asus rolls out GTX 560M-powered ROG notebook

We like our laptops small and light here at TR, but that doesn't mean chunky gaming notebooks aren't worthy of note. They're kind of like the shaggy, oversized dogs of the laptop world. Asus' latest specimen looks rather nice, too, marrying quad-core Sandy Bridge processors and GeForce GTX 560M graphics inside a matte chassis with "intelligent" cooling and a soft-touch palm rest.

The Republic Of Gamers G74SX is already in stock at Newegg for $1,799.99. Amazon also lists a cheaper variant priced at $1,499.99, but that one isn't available quite yet.

Both systems feature 17.3" 1080p displays, 2GHz Core i7-2630QM quad-core processors, GeForce GTX 560M graphics with 3GB of GDDR5 memory (yes, you read that right), and 12GB of DDR3-1333 RAM. The pricier model has 1.5TB of storage capacity and a Blu-ray drive, while its more affordable sibling has half the storage capacity and only takes DVDs.

Asus boasts about the system's "matte black exterior," a keyboard that's angled five degrees from the base, and an "intelligent" cooling system that can use the GPU fan to cool the CPU and vice-versa, purportedly resulting in lower temperatures. Tweakers should also enjoy the "Easy Upgrade Cover," which can be opened with a coin to reveal access to the memory and hard-drive bays.

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