Intel adds $107, Sandy Bridge-based mobile Celeron

Four weeks after its last batch of low-end, low-power Sandy Bridge chips, Intel has released another mobile CPU that's even cheaper and more stripped-down: the Celeron M 787, which popped up in the company's price list over the weekend.

The Celeron M 787 is so new that Intel doesn't yet list its full specifications on the ARK. Based on what we can glean from the price list entry, however, this is a single-core, single-thread processor with a 1.3GHz clock speed, 1MB of L3 cache, and a bulk asking price of only $107.

The guys at CPU World managed to snag more details. They say the chip has a 17W thermal envelope, hardware virtualization support, and a base graphics clock speed of 350MHz (which jumps up to 950MHz in Turbo mode).

Together with the dual-core Celeron 847 that came out last month, this chip ought to be a prime candidate for cheap consumer ultraportables. The amount of computing power on tap may not be anything to write home about, but the low price, relatively capable integrated graphics, and tight thermal envelope are all worthwhile traits.

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