Hotmail to require better passwords

People can't be trusted—especially when it comes to PC security. Regardless of how many times they've been warned against such actions, some folks continue opening attachments, clicking offers for discount boner pills, and using lousy passwords. Microsoft might just have found a solution for the last problem, though. Tested has news that Hotmail will soon prevent people from using common passwords to secure their accounts.

Every time a new batch of compromised account details leaks out, I'm shocked at how frequently "password" and "123456" appear. Hacked accounts can be used to distribute spam and conduct other nefarious activities, so there's more at stake than the contents of someone's inbox.

While it's unclear when Hotmail's new password rules will come into effect or how restrictive they'll be, the idea is a good one. I'm also digging the new "My friend's been hacked!" feature, which allows users to mark messages as coming from a compromised account. Spam may be on the decline, but anything that can further curb the staggering volume of junk or insidious email that continues to circulate on the Internet is definitely a good thing.

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