Sneak a peek at our new RSS feeds, please

Our current RSS feeds are, how shall we say, somewhat less than optimal. That’s why we’ve been working on a new, improved feed arrangement. You can find out more about the new feeds and give them a whirl by checking in on this forum thread. Since I know clicking can be a painful and time-consuming exercise, let me quote Bruno’s post for you here:

So we’re updating our RSS feeds. The current ones are way too short and shortbread items go into all sorts of funny shapes. They’re now longer (1.5 paragraphs) and retain all necessary formatting. Shortbread "appetizers" are now in stock and will be served daily. Do try the fondue.

We’ll also be overhauling the RSS structure overall. The older separated-by-section feeds (i.e. "Motherboards and Chipsets – Articles") will be dropped. In their place, we intend to put up a page with four main feeds:

– News (same content as now, will still include news + articles + blogs + ‘bread)

– Shortbread only

– Articles (articles + blogs)

– Podcast only (both formats)

For now, you can add this News test feed to your readers and let us know of any problems you encounter. Known bugs so far: images aren’t appearing (comics revealed this).

We hope the changes and simplification will be an improvement overall, but we need your feedback. Please have a look at the new feed, and let us know what you think. Thanks!

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    • LauRoman
    • 8 years ago

    What about a breadless news rss feed (just like the first one just news + articles +blogs)? I really hate using Yahoo pipes to block the bread coming down my internet tubes.

    • SomeOtherGeek
    • 8 years ago

    Done and thanks! Keep up the good work.

    Edit: em t’nac lleps

    • dpaus
    • 8 years ago

    And how’s the TR-optimized-for-mobile-devices project coming?

      • Taddeusz
      • 8 years ago

      I would have to second that. My favorite tech pages are Tech Report, Ars Technica and Slashdot. Of those three Tech Report is the only page that does not have a mobile version. Kind of annoying that.

        • ew
        • 8 years ago

        I haven’t noticed any problems with it on my phone.

          • Taddeusz
          • 8 years ago

          It’s pretty much impossible to navigate without zooming. A mobile page would condense all the important parts of of the page into something more manageable on a small screen.

        • ryko
        • 8 years ago

        of all the tech sites i visit i like TR the best on my iphone. as it is now, it is perfect for mobile browsing. with one quick tap-to-zoom in the white main content area i get legible text for whatever article i am reading. no need for a mobile version IMO. I always disable mobile sites when i can. super annoying when you can’t choose mobile or regular version….i.e. gawker, lifehacker, etc…

      • SNM
      • 8 years ago

      Already rolled out. They don’t have the staff for a full-fledged mobile version, and it really works pretty well with tap-zooming.

        • Taddeusz
        • 8 years ago

        Granted, I don’t know how difficult it is to create a mobile version of the site but I can’t imagine it’s as difficult as creating what they have now. IMHO, an actual mobile friendly site is much easier to navigate over having to zoom in to do anything. I can’t tell you how many times I double tap the screen to zoom and accidentally end up tapping a link. This sort of thing is completely avoided by having an actual mobile friendly site.

        • alphacheez
        • 8 years ago

        Tap-zooming doesn’t work well on my Palm Pixi Plus; it seems to be trying to cram about twice as much text per line than can be comfortably read by tap-zooming. I’m not sure if this a problem with the WebOS browser or the site, but most other sites I read work well with tap-zooming.

        Horizontal scrolling makes me sad :'(

        Another issue I’ve noticed on mobile devices is when browsing threaded comments sometimes clicking a collapsed post to expand it will force the browser to scroll to the top of the page so I have to manually scroll back to where I was which is frustrating.

    • jensend
    • 8 years ago

    I’ve been OK with the regular news feed you’ve had, though I wish the URL associated with it were news.x rather than the content-free new homepage.

    • donkeycrock
    • 8 years ago

    Thank the maker. It’s about freeking time. Although- i dont really like the ads.

      • anotherengineer
      • 8 years ago

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