An unlocked desktop Llano may be coming soon

AMD appears to have a new Llano desktop CPU up its sleeve. Turkish site Donanim Haber claims that the A8-3870 is on the way. The CPU could have a core clock speed as high as 3.1GHz, and it looks like an unlocked multiplier will facilitate easy overclocking.

Otherwise, the A8-3870 appears to be no different than the 3850 we reviewed a few weeks ago. The incoming model is said to have the same 100W thermal envelope and Radeon HD 6550D integrated graphics. If history is any indication, the 3870 will probably come with a Black Edition label to identify its unlocked multiplier.

The 3850 is currently selling for $135 at Amazon and $140 at Newegg, so I'd expect the 3870 to cost no more than around $150. AMD might have a hard time selling the thing, though. The Phenom II X4 can be had in several Black Edition flavors between $120 and $154, and they're all clocked at 3.2GHz or higher. One of those plus a discrete graphics card is likely to be a much better option for anyone concerned enough with performance to contemplate overclocking.

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